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15 May 2023

We are a hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder therapy clinic. Active Hand Therapy was established more then 15 years ago by our director, David Coles. He is a very laid back, friendly guy with an incredible knowledge of Hand and Upper Limb Therapy. He wanted to create a clinic where patients feel comfortable and relaxed all while getting the best and most highly trained therapist treatment. 

Why Choose Us?

All our therapists are members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, which is a 3-year process to complete an exhaustive list of specialist activities. We also have internationally recognised therapists which is another process that requires therapists to pass a huge exam in all aspects of hand and upper limb injuries.  We are the preferred hand therapists for the Suns', Titans, Surfing Australia, Athletics Australia and Tennis Australia. David prioritises continuing professional development with all staff presenting and participating on a weekly basis - this is not often the case in Private Practices. Our staff are often requested to present at numerous conferences and are also requested as guest lecturers at all of the universities on the Gold Coast. This is recognition from health professionals in the know, of the level of expertise of our staff. 

You can view each individual therapist’s specialties here.


Where are we located?

Coomera, Southport, Palm Beach, Tweed and we visit many private hospitals.


Do you need an appointment?

Yes. But, we understand that injuries are not always planned and we will always fit urgent patients in. If you give our admin a call on (07) 5526 4066, they can assist you in speaking with one of our therapy team.


What do we treat?

Everything from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder! If you have injured yourself or it is a chronic condition our therapists can help. Some of the injuries we see are fractures, sprains, tendons, overuse, worksite, sports, post-op, carpal tunnel, pregnancy related and many more! We are specialists in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation. We have a Fracture Clinic, with casting and an Acute Hand Clinic. We make custom braces and splints, provide wound management, massage, dry needling, acupuncture, desensitisation programs and a host of other services. If you are unsure, please give our admin a call and one of our therapists can step you through the process - they are all happy for a chat to point you in the right direction!


Are referrals necessary?

No. Referrals are not necessary, call our admin team to book an appointment today! Some patients can benefit with a referral for certain conditions however our admin team can help with this. If you have a referral we place great importance on good communication to other health professionals.


Do you see children?

Yes! Of course. Our director has 5 young children himself, and all our clinics are child friendly.


What happens in a normal appointment?

The therapists may diagnose, formalise a treatment plan, treat - which may involve wax, massage, dressings, splinting, exercises, mobilisation - educate and set some goals for improvement. Hand injuries have much better outcomes after seeing a hand therapy specialist.


Why has my surgeon referred me?

We work very closely with a lot of surgeons on the Gold Coast. It allows our therapists to know exactly what each surgeon requires to get the best long term outcomes for you post surgery. Appointments usually require splinting, exercises, mobilisation and sometimes wound management.


What do I need to bring?

Our admin team will explain all of this however usually any scans, x-rays and referrals if you have them.


How much does it cost?

This will vary however a standard consult for a private patient will be somewhere between $95-$135 depending on the length needed. Splints and braces will cost extra if required. Private health rebates can range from 20%-100%. We also see WorkCover, DVA and other insurers. 


Are you a Doctor or Other Health Professional?

We provide training courses and in-house professional development lunches to practices across the coast. David feels strongly about making the referral process easy with excellent communication. This way he can add value to the health professional team which is a win for the patients. David is always available to chat about any questions. Please call admin or contact him directly on 0423193633. 

Content provided by Dee Coles

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