Introducing our Certified Hand Therapist

13 June 2017

Luke McCarron has recently completed his Hand Therapist Certification. This worldwide commision only recognises an elite few who undergo rigorous advanced testing and Active Hand Therapy could not be any more proud of this down to earth therapist.

Specialty certification in hand therapy was established in 1991 to recognize occupational therapists and physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience and skills in the practice of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. It assists consumers and the health care community in identifying those therapists who meet the rigorous standards required of Certified Hand Therapists, including three years of practice experience with 4,000 hours or more in direct practice in hand therapy and successful completion of a comprehensive test of advanced clinical skills and theory in upper quarter rehabilitation.

The exam can be sat twice a year at various sites around Australia and is approximately 4 hours in length - More information can be found on the CHT website - Test Information.

Preparing for the exam includes:

Evaluate Upper Limb and Relevant Patient Characteristics

Determine Prognosis and Plan of Care

Implement Therapeutic Interventions

Fundamental Knowledge and Basic Science

​More information can be found on the CHT website - Exam Preparation

Written by David Coles



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