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21 November 2021

Our amazing director has had a very busy few months featuring at the Gold Coast City Council Service Providers, Australian Hand Therapy Association QLD Symposium, Bond University and the QLD Hand Surgeons Conference. Not bad for a bloke from the Goldy!

Here is my quick take on why a man who hates public speaking gets so many requests... 

Why are you in such hot demand?

David: I think it is beacuse I have been practicing for such a long time and I still actively treat patients every day and I am continually learning. Or it could be beacuse people like to see me suffer...

How many years have you been a Hand Therapist?

David: I stopped counting at 20. 

How do you keep up to date?

David: I am continuously learning, everyday. From surgeons, conferences, papers, novel devices, my peers. Being on the AHTA email list, keeps you up to date with anything new. Using your peers around you is also a great way to learn - new grads have the latest knowledge being taught out of the Uni's and listening to experienced therapists always gives notes to think about. At Active Hand Therapy, we are currently utilising our physiotherapists to learn more around the shoulder and neck conditions and how it affects the arm. I also attend alot of education days and nights. 

I thought you only went there for the food?

David: That's not true, I go for the wine as well. 

Which conference is your favourite?

David: Each conference offers something. All the Action Rehab education days are really well set out with lots of great education. The AHTA conferences usually have a key speaker that I may not have heard yet and are great to catch up with peers. Junior therapists enjoy the workshops. I find the Surgeons conferences very educational as it broadens our knowledge as Hand Therapists and we are really well supported by the surgeons. This year was a great event. 

What is your best piece of advice for new Hand Therapists?

David: I encourage all Therapists to ask 'why' not just rote learn something. Try to really learn things from the bottom up so as you get more experienced, your fundamentals are solid. Understanding why you do something is key. 

How do you find University life compared to the olden days when you were at Uni?

David: Haha. Everyone looks very young! Bond University and Griffith are the two Uni's that I guest lecture at and do workshops for. The students there are always very keen to learn. Probably more mature age students than when I was at Uni and definitely more guys. There was only 2 males in my OT year. 

What is your favourite thing about the Gold Coast?

David: Other than my wife, surfing. 


Interviewed by: 'The wife'


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