Partnering with the Gold Coast Suns for another year

1 July 2019

As the AFL season ramps up, our director, David Coles, looks forward to another year with the Gold Coast Suns. 

Forever an optimist, I have high hopes for the Gold Coast Sun's moving forward. With Bowes, Ainsworth and Wright commited for another year - the team is looking towards the future.  For my part in the game, sports injuries at this level need the right team to push the boundaries of rehabilitation and recovery.  It is why I am stoked to be working with these guys for another year. Youneed to have a perfect understanding of what the injury is and the biomechanics -  as I've said before, get it or go home. Every splint is tweaked, every exercise is adapted and every decision must be justified. This is how we treat all our patients but with athletes our time frames are shorter. Every day off the field is money and deconditioning. How do we make these calls - well, I guess we just know our stuff. 


Professional athletes have many people coordinating their care. Lyndsay Bull, physiotherapist extraordinaire, has joined on for another season and the fitness team are doing some great things. There has already been a few injuries this year but luckily the team has been able to get many players back at top performance pretty quickly. This is what Healthcare should be about, working as a team, getting people back to doing what they love as quickly as possible. This is why I love my job. 


Written by David Coles 

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