New Hand Therapy Clinic

30 March 2021

Our State of the art Hand Therapy Clinic has opened in Palm Beach!

Our brand new clinic is up and running in our new state of the art clinic. 


29 Palm Beach Avenue Palm Beach 

It looks a bit edgy with exposed concrete melding with a sleek design. But the things we are most proud of are the Hand Therapy facilities we provide. 

We have streamlined casting and splinting stations with all the specialised equipment required to make this process quicker and ensure smoother finishes. 

We have invested in new bone healing machines, CPM machines and TENS equipment for electrical stimulated pain relief. 

Our rehab gym is up and running with hand therapy specific machines that enable multiple modification exercises to keep patients moving forward. 

We have a huge open plan education area for groups of 20 or more with all the latest technologies. 


"I was given a small chance of use of my hand after a terrible accident. I found these guys and 5 weeks later I am back working and playing sport. The original doctors couldn't belive how good it was."


We would much rather you just pop in and we can show you around - no injury neccessary!

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