Sagittal Band Injuries - Boxer's Knuckle

6 March 2016

Last month the director of Active Hand Therapy, David Coles, presented at the Melbourne Sports Injury Symposium. One of his lectures focused on Sagittal Band Injuries. 

Sagittal bands form a part of the dorsal digital expansion and along with the intrinsic muscle tendons work together to keep the extensor tendons centralised over the MCP joint (knuckle). David presented two case studies to highlight the mechanism of injury, treatment options and rehab process.


Les Sherrington, is now 7 years post rupture and has not only maintained centralisation but has been able to continue boxing. He has gone on to win multiple world titles.


Case Study 2: After an early diagnosis in our Hand Therapy Clinic, we followed this patient through the surgery, rehab and safe return to work process. At 5 weeks he was pain free, with full strength and ROM.

Written by David Coles



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