Treatment for Scars

15 October 2023

Did you know that at Active Hand and Upper Limb Therapy we also treat scars? 

At Active we have been on a mission to provide the best treatment for scars for patients all over Australia.

It seems that scars can be a forgotten concern and yet the impact of pain, loss of movement and physical appearance can hugely decrease a your quality of life. 


Treatment for Scars

  • Find out what type of scar you have

Scars come in many, many different types. From hypertrophic to flat and shiny.

A raised scar, with lots of excess skin is usually a keloid or hypertrophic scar from excess collagen production.

A flat scar is often from too much tension when healing or thicker collagen fibers.

A pitted scar is often from a compromised dermis. 

 A therapist can assess the type of scar you have and provide the best treatment plan. 

  • Topical Treatments 

Vitamin E and silicon gel can help reduce scar appearance in the early stages of skin remodeling. These topical treatments can also help reduce tension in the scar. These are best applied using a firm massage technique. 

  • LPG technology

This non-invasive machine uses a patented technology to reset the underlying deformity in the lower layers of the skin. This can dramatically reduce pain and swelling of a scar. It is routinely used within burns units and scar units worldwide as a first line treatment. Scars will not only reduce in appearance but will start to remodel the deformed collagen into a healthier layer. 

More information can be found at Scar Therapy. ​​​​​

  • Surgery 

Scars can have a huge impact on quality of life. Steroid injections, cryotherapy, fillers and other more invasive techniques can also be tried to reduce scars and improve pain and sensitivity. 

Another option that can help to reduce the appearance of scars is surgery however this is only recommended when other techniques have failed. 

Scars We Treat

  • Burns
  • Post-surgical scars from all surgeries
  • Injuries
  • Gynecological
  • All hypertrophic scars
  • Elite athlete recovery

How We Can Help

  • Reduce scar appearance
  • Improvement in pain
  • Reduction in tightness and improved movement
  • Reduce swelling

We have been treating scars for over 10 years. At Active Therapy we have one of only two Scar Machines in Australia that remodels tissues, fascia and skin to realign and flatten the scar. Improvement can occur in as little as one session. Our therapists are all healthcare professionals, trained in scar management.

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