Southern Cross University Lectures

21 November 2018

We have been very busy at Active Hand Therapy this year with students and lecturing. Our latest guest appearance has been with Southern Cross University. 

One of the great things about becoming an expert is you get to impart your knowledge on unsuspecting students. Some of us suck at this part, some of us think we are awesome but end up in a sweaty mess and the rest of us often won't give our time. Our Hand Therapist specialist, Luke McCarron is a legend. He not only speaks well but takes the time to listen and educate all while remaining calm and approachable. Luke recently completed his Masters in Hand Therapy at Derby University. He knows what it's like to knuckle down and study. He also supervises and mentors Hand Therapists at Active Hand Therapy - helping them become internationally accredited. 

His latest guest appearance has been coaxing some Second Year Occupational Therapy students through a term at Southern Cross University. I thought I would ask him a few questions and find out what does a lecturer do and what makes a perfect student?

Describe what your role is? 

I am a University tutor for the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree second year class ‘Musculoskeletal and Reduced Energy Assessments and Interventions’. 

Is it fun?

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the second year OT students and expressing my passion for all things Hand Therapy. I especially enjoyed the weeks that involved thermoplastic splinting, as it combined the practical skill of splinting with the theoretical knowledge required to make a good splint.

What are the favourite topics?

We covered many topics throughout the duration of the sessions, although my favourite topics were the upper limb anatomy and manual muscle testing topics. I am passionate about these topics, which can be given a bad rap if taught too dry or boringly. I found this fun because the students were able to interact and ask questions while learning detailed upper limb anatomy and physiology.

What are the hardest topics?

Every topic was challenging. When explaining a difficult topic I always try to add a few clinical examples for the students who respond better to real life clinical scenarios. I also love using metaphors, because I find that most students, clients and junior staff respond faster and recall easier comparative examples.

What is great about the uni?

Southern Cross University is a great place in a great location with amazing and supportive lecturers. I found all aspects of tutoring at SCU fun and challenging, with adequate support available when required. I would love to be involved with SCU again if the opportunity presents itself.

What makes a perfect student?

Students that actively listen and ask questions are a pleasure to teach. 

Any advice for HT students?

Any Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy students who are interested in perusing a career in Hand Therapy should look to sharpen their upper limb anatomy and physiology understanding, as this is a language unto itself which takes years to become comfortable discussing with others. Furthermore if you choose to become a clinician after graduation it’s much easier to treat something that you understand at a mechanical level.

Well there you have it! Active Hand Therapy also takes student placements through different universities. If you would like any futher information about guest lecturing, workshops or student placements, please contact our clinics at or phone 5526 4066. 
Written by Dee Coles 

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