Tele-Health, Home Visits, Private Fracture Clinic and more. Allied Health during Coronavirus.

1 April 2020

Active Hand Therapy has been offering Tele-Health and Remote Services to our patients for many years. We also have a mobile clinic where our therapists can visit you at home, including a home based casting service.

Our Private Fracture Clinic means avoiding Hospital emergency departments and we want to assure you of all the safety measures we are taking in our current clinics. We are Open, we care and we are still providing our best service. 


Have you been affected by the current Coronavirus Pandemic? Of course you have. Businesses shutting, food shortages, lost jobs, stress, concern, sickness and a whole lot of grey hair. 

We are a family based local business and I tell you, this has been tough. We have hardly slept, our staff are stressed and we can no longer visit our beloved sushi train. It is all crap. On top of that, we have five kids at home, 2 of our staff with babies due any day and our hearts are concerned for all the unwell people around the world. I am also running out of toilet paper...

But let's Breathe.....

What We Can Offer At This Time:

  • Support. This is going at the top. Call us, have a chat. We have a huge network of Health Professional friends and we want to help. Here's our number (07) 5526 4066
  • Tele Health Appointments. We have actually been offering this service way before Covid came along. Our Hand Therapy specialists often consult via Tele-health to remote QLD and NT clinics. We are used to this service and can step you through it. We have all our systems in place from posting products to the best virtual assessments. 
  • Home visits. Although we try to keep these to a minimum, we can organise a home visit to anyone that feels concerned coming into our clinics. 
  • Mobile Casting and Splinting service. Now is not the time to break a bone but if you do, we can come to you. Call us or Book Online
  • Private Fracture Clinic. We cast, splint, provide wound care and can organise X-rays all without the stress of going to the hospital. Rebates may apply. 
  • Kindness. We can always offer kindness. 

Tele-health Appointment Process:

  • Book an appointment either online or by calling our clinic on (07) 5526 4066
  • Our staff will ask you a series of safety questions and determine if it is possible to have a Tele-health appointment. 
  • It is best to have a computer with a video camera. We can then email you a link that you click on. This automatically loads your Tele-Health appointment. Make sure you have your computer audio on and your video on. Also we suggest setting an alarm on your phone as it is easy to forget! 
  • Another option is to use Facebook messenger or Facetime mobile service. These are sometimes easier if you are more familiar with these programs. Make sure you have somewhere to 'prop up' your phone when you are using your hands and arm. 
  • Payment is either by direct debit or credit card payment over the phone. 


Written by David Coles

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