Upper Limb Sports Injury Symposium

23 February 2016

Members of our staff recently visited Melbourne to attend Action Rehab Sports Injury Symposium. David Coles, our director, was also a guest lecturer at the event. Some interesting new ideas were taken on board by the team in managing sports injuries.

A new splint, demonstrated by Hamish Anderson to stabilise the PIP Collateral ligament has been discussed by the team. This splint allows the injured person to have some function including the ability to bend the finger with lateral protection.

PIPJ collateral ligament injuries are a common sports injury that if left untreated can lead to stiff fingers and an inability to grip objects.



Another impressive splint presented by therapist Ben Cunningham created an interesting discussion relating to the very common mallet finger injury. This splint allows protection of the avulsed distal extensor tendon, but more importantly, the oblique retinacular ligament (ORL).


Written by David Coles

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